"Petite mom in this big world"
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This is the new start !
Monday, 16 September 2013 • 08:16 • 0 comments
Macam yg seperti title post, ni adalah blog baru Fateen.
Masih banyak lagi yg kurang dlm ni, so gimme time okay.
Klu ada masa yg lebih, nnt sy update :*

Creating this new blog <3

Petite Mom

Hello! I'm NorSalihah. Petite mom to my fav daughter and having petite family in this big world. Having a bless marriage with my fav husband. This is my own blogskin coding. Gonna make another design for free.

Petite Family
Married to my love, Azizul Ghani. Mom to my dear daughter, Raudhatul Jannah